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Degauss media: hard disk, magnetic tape, other Magnetic media          
Shred media:CD/DVD, plastic card, paper, cartridge OPC, U Disk, credit card
Magnetic field: ≥8500 Oe 
Degauss cycle time: 30~50s                                                                         
Duty cycle: continuous 
Degauss speed: 60pcs/hr

Shred speed:
           10 pcs/min(HD platter), 18pcs/min(CD,DVD),

                   40 pcs/min(U Disk), 6pcs/min(cartridge OPC)

                   25 sheets per time(paper)Shred size: ≤22x5mm

Dimension: L600mm×W600mm×H1025mm
Voltage: 220±10V, AC,50/60Hz
Rated power:1.1KW

Net Weight: 100Kg

MH-2009 Multi-Media shredder &Degausser


·Shred 25 sheets of paper
·Wipe hard disk 
·Shred U Disk
·Shred CD/DVD, HD platter
·Shred cartridge OPC
·Counter with LCD display