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Media: Hard disk, Magnetic tape, other Magnetic media
Magnetic field(Oe): 8500-16000 
Degauss cycle time: 40s
Duty cycle: continuous
Dimension: L440mm×W302mm×H180mm/17.3" L×11.9" W×7.1"H
Max degauss area size: 151mm×35.5mm×265mm/5.9" ×1.4" ×10.5"
Voltage: 110/220V(standard)
Weight: 25Kg/55.2lbs



·HSD-SuperEx is a capacitive discharge continuous work degausser, continuous work 8 hours one time.
·Photo by mircoscope--before and after view of HDD platter
·Enough big drawer to hold kinds of HDD
·Software and printer(execute and record ) management
·Computer software management interface
·Convenient control with a LCD display
·Compulsory discharge button can clear remaining electricity inside, guarantee the safety.